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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the groups do not perform together on stage. As they rehearse separately, they each have a different repertoire. In some cases, however, both groups will participate in a community service performance, and will "switch off" on stage.  Shows are designed to accommodate the needs of the venue/audience and the complete answer to this question really depends on those needs.

We see a great deal of interest at our annual auditions in May, and our ensembles casting has become more selective. Each group presently has about 20-25 performers. The Artistic Director and her staff evaluate auditioners based on talent, skill, and understanding of and enthusiasm for the mission. Being a terrific singer and/or dancer, is wonderful, but we're looking for students who also appreciate Teen Angel Project's mission, and have a desire to perform for those who may be less fortunate, due to health, economics, age, disability, etc. As the performers frequently are able to interact with audience members after shows, we are especially looking for outgoing and empathetic teens.

In our first three years, our performers visited numerous senior living centers and hospitals, performed a tribute to our Veterans at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, supported Autism Speaks on the National Mall, sang the National Anthem at the Make-A-Wish Walk For Wishes in Washington, D.C., brought smiles to children and families staying at the Children's Inn at NIH, to name just a few of our many events in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas. When these organizations hear about TAP and our mission, they are thrilled to have us. There just aren't enough weekends in the year for these performers to entertain at every venue that wants them.

TAP is the product of a dream (literally) of a mom on June 3rd, 2012, to establish a group of teenaged performers whose mission would be to bring joy to those in need, through song and dance. As a result, a group of like-minded parents whose children are passionate about musical theater met throughout June, July and August to incorporate in the state of Maryland under the name “Outreach Song and Dance, Inc.” and to form the necessary legal and business framework for TAP to flourish for years to come.

The mission of Teen Angel Project is to bring joy, through song and dance, at no charge, to communities most in need of a happy diversion. As a service organization, TAP performs in nursing homes, shelters, military rehab facilities, hospitals, retirement communities, wherever the need is great. The focus, therefore, will not be on the individual performer, but on the effect the group, as a whole, will have on those it serves. Since these performances, for the most part, will not be in venues open to the general public, we have Open House events for family and friends to get the opportunity to see TAP and TAPjr. perform. These are not elaborately staged productions, just intimate celebrations of their talents and accomplishments.

TAP is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity and is recognized as a non-profit, charitable organization by both the United States Federal Government and the State of Maryland. Nominal dues paid by TAP members cover only a portion of the operating costs for Teen Angel Project and TAPjr. The rest of our funding comes from donations from individuals, private and public organizations, and charitable foundations. TAP is now also selling merchandise as another means to raise funds for our project. Over 150 individual donors have already shown their support, and we have an annual gala fundraiser called Wings! which includes a show by our performers.

TAP’s annual dues for the 2015-6 season are $600 per performer. As a non-profit, community service organization, we are dedicated to keeping our costs as low as possible to minimize financial strain on the families of our performers. Each year we raise money to cover the remaining 40-50% of our operating costs, and to continually build our program for future years. A portion of the money raised is set aside for scholarships, to help offset the cost for families who may not be able to afford the full dues amount.

Yes! Teen Angel Project is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, thus all donations made directly to our organization are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Stay tuned for our annual fund drive during the winter holiday period, coming soon!

We are looking for middle school and high school students who sing and dance, are able to commit weekend time to rehearsals and performances, and, most importantly, are dedicated to bringing joy to others. TAP and TAPjr. will be performing before selected audiences of the elderly, sick, disabled, and financially disadvantaged. While we will work to prepare the performers to meet the needs of each of their audiences, any teen or pre-teen auditioning should be open-minded and giving of him/her self by nature. To ensure a cohesive group, absolutely no divisive behavior will be tolerated. Performers must be able and willing to work together and be mutually supportive at all times, on and off the stage.

Teen Angel Project does not offer regular classes in dance, voice or acting, nor stage dramatic productions, but expects its participants to continually strengthen their performance skills through taking classes in voice and dance, at training institutions of their choice.

For the 2015-2016 school year, regular rehearsals are Saturdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Both groups rehearse at The JCC in Rockville, MD. We generally adhere to the Montgomery County Public Schools calendar for winter break, spring break and holidays.  Our community service event and performance schedule includes about two performances per month for each group; some will be joint events. Participants are expected to be at rehearsals and events; any known conflicts are addressed directly with the Artistic Director in advance.

Those auditioning for Teen Angel Project are asked up front to identify any known major conflicts, such as out of town family events.  Other conflicts must be reported no less than two weeks in advance of a rehearsal.  Conflicts must be reported to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Repeated conflicts or absences from rehearsals or shows may necessitate a meeting between performer, parent(s) and Artistic Director.

The Teen Angel Project Artistic Team wants rehearsals to be a safe, enriching environment for all ensemble members.  If you are ill and are unable to come to rehearsal, you must let the us know as soon as possible via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We book nursing homes, hospitals, shelters and rehab facilities, etc. based on need and interest in what Teen Angel Project offers.  We encourage our performers and their families to suggest venues significant to them.

Each performer will need jazz and tap shoes (if he/she taps) as well as jazz pants. There may also be small incidental fees, such as for transportation by bus to a venue. New members pay a one-time fee that covers the cost of the "Wing Kit", consisting of a quality travel duffel, the articles of clothing used for most performances, a team jacket, and sheet music. TAP strives to keep the cost structure for participation simple and straightforward. Additional "TAP Wear" items are optional and are available for sale at reasonable prices, with net proceeds supporting the organization and our charitable purpose.

YES!!!! Teen Angel Project is an approved provider of student service learning within the Montgomery County Public Schools system.  Performers will be able to earn SSL (Student Sevice Learning Hours) for each performance for which they perform. 

All the members of the TAP organization (Artistic Team, Board of Directors, volunteer staff) strive to communicate openly and frequently, and encourage feedback from performers and family members.  In addition to serving on the Board of Directors, TAP's founding members and several of our member parents are a very hands-on, active team of volunteers providing core administrative functions. We believe that since its inception, Teen Angel Project has already seen significant improvement thanks to the insight and feedback from its member families, Artistic Team, and of course, the the performers themselves.

Thank you for visiting our FAQ! We will periodically change this page with your frequently asked questions, so check back often. Please direct any further questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your excellent, timely question! We are holding auditions for the next season of Teen Angel Project in May 2016, at the JCC.  Any interim auditions will be announced on this website and on our Facebook page. The official audition notice for 2015-2016 will be posted on the website and on Facebook several months prior to the event.

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