Tap aha



Outreach Song and Dance, Inc., also known as Teen Angel Project (TAP), was formed as a non-profit, Maryland corporation and 501(c)(3) public charity in July 2012. The organization began planning for its inaugural season shortly thereafter, and the founders became our initial board of directors. The Board typically meets quarterly, including an annual meeting. TAP performers and their family members are also involved in committees, planning and other organizational activities.


Our 2013-2014 Volunteer Organization:

Board of Directors
Dan Blitz
Randee Hahn
Cathy Kieserman
Theresa Mezebish
Arlen Miller
Carmelita Watkinson
Anne Willis
Francesca Winch

Corporate Officers
President: Francesca Winch
Vice President: Theresa Mezebish
Secretary: Cathy Kieserman
Treasurer: Dan Blitz (acting)

Committee Chairs
Executive & Finance: Francesca Winch
Membership: Cathy Kieserman
Fundraising Events: Arlen Miller
Programming: Randee Hahn
Historian: Carmelita Watkinson
Contracts, IT and Development: Dan Blitz
Communications: Francesca Winch
Property: Anne Willis